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A Significant Breakthrough in GoI's Response to Swami Sanand's Ganga Tapasya

Finally, a significant breakthrough in the deadly impasse between Government of India's attitude with regard to Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand’s (formerly Prof. G.D. Aggarwal)  fast unto death from February 7, 2012 to save Ganga from total annihilation.

This afternoon, March 23, following a signed agreement with the representatives of the Prime Minister, Swami Sanand agreed to give partially up his fast unto death by consenting to take just liquids till April 17 when the Prime Minister will invite him to address a special meeting of the National Ganga River Basin Authority.

Since March 9, after having given up solid food, Swami Sanand also gave up taking water. On March 11, the UP Government forcibly admitted him to the ICU of SSL Hospital of Banaras Hindu University, in Varanasi, where he had been fasting on the banks of Ganga. There, he was put on saline drip. However, soon after, he announced that he would remove the saline drip on March 17 if the government failed to reach a positive decision by then.

On March 18, he was shifted in an air ambulance to Delhi and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), because his condition had deteriorated rapidly, especially after he removed the saline drip. In addition, he suffered a heart attack. At AIIMS he steadfastedly resisted force-feeding.

Finally, on March 23, Prime Minister’s special emissaries Shri Prakash Jaiswal and V. Narayanasami signed an agreement with two representatives of Ganga Abhiyan agreeing to the following conditions:

1. The Prime Minister will call a meeting of the National Ganga River Basin Authority on April 17. Swami Sanand will address this meeting and put forth all his concerns regarding the cultural, civilizational and spiritual importance of Ganga, and the steps required to save it from destruction.

2. The Agenda of the NGRBA meeting will be decided by the Ganga Abhiyan led by Swami Sanand.

3. Swami Sanand will be accompanied by a 7 member delegation of Ganga Abhiyan.

4. Since the Government declared Ganga as a “national river” keeping in view the unique sanctity attached to it by the people of India, the Government will take appropriate measures to respect people’s undying faith in its sacredness.

However, this is not the end of Ganga tapasya. Right at the outset, Ganga Abhiyan had announced that if Swami Sanand ends up losing his life during his Ganga tapasya, another Sanyasi will take his place right away. With Swami Sanand agreeing to take liquids from March 23, another sanyasi in Kashi has begun a nirjal tapasya for Ganga--that is in addition to giving up food, he has also given up water so that Ganga tapasya continues uninterrupted even after Swami Sanand’s partial withdrawal of his fast unto death.

Let us pray and hope that the NGRBA takes a clear policy decision on April 17.

We will post on our website and email you the exact text of the agreement tomorrow 


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