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Rahul Gandhi Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?

The National Mood Vis a Vis Two Prime Ministerial Candidates

Following Rahul Gandhi’s cry baby speech at an election rally on October 23 in a lighter moment I posted a tweet inviting Tweeple to enter a contest to provide answer to the burning question of the day: "Rahul Gandhi Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?" 

As expected I got two kinds of responses which I am sharing below  as promised:

a) From critics of Congress and Rahul Gandhi-- almost all of who are pro Modi
b) From Pro Congress and anti Modi Tweeple

Two things stand out in these responses: firstly the anti Congress people are upbeat, they are sharp witted, they are poking fun and successful in turning the Congress PM candidate into an object of mirth and ridicule. Secondly, far fewer people are rising to defend Rahul Gandhi.

The pro Rahul, pro Congress Tweeple appear as total sycophants in praising a speech which was universally derided—a speech which even the pro Congress TV channels found embarrassing to defend. Or they avoid taking on the issue at hand. Instead go into blind attack.

This speaks volumes for the national mood around the two prime ministerial candidates.

Anti Rahul responses

gannath @jaigannath22h @madhukishwar Kyunki Politics is poison and Maa ne pila diya.

Rahul Vaasu @BeingRahulRaj22h @madhukishwarKyunki unko aur kuch nahi aata

Nimish Desai @envee3820h @madhukishwar Pappu ki kisi bhi harkat main logic dhoondhna "Pappu-giri" hi hai - kaahe hum ko Pappu ban ne ko uksa rahe ho...??.!!

SHYAM SUNDER @SHYAMSUNDER220h @madhukishwarmunna age badhe to Modi ji dikhte hey, pichedekhe to UPA ke scams dikhte hey. gussa to ayega hi

A??b?Normal?a?a @NormalBaba22h Then why people say Rahul Gandhi ko to kuchh bhi nahi aata?

Radha Singh @radhafast19h @madhukishwar ?????? ??? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?? ???? ???

Support NaMo for PM @TigerNaMo17h @madhukishwar "GUSSA VUSSA KUCH NAHI HOTA, GUSSA IS JUST A STATE OF MIND"!!!

 Sundar @skdeshpande20h @madhukishwarGussa is a "State of Mind" & in-case if u have then u need "Jupiter's Escape Velocity" to overcome!

#thetiltedview @NikhilJModak25 Oct@madhukishwar The only similarity between #NarendraModi and #RahulGandhi speech is......they both inspire you to vote for #BJP !!!

SupportNaMoforPM @TigerNaMo20h@madhukishwarAb agar apko 43 saal ki umar mai #PAPPU keh kar pukarega toh gussa toh banta hai!!

Anusha Goraik @anushagoraik20h @madhukishwar oh! So that's his gussa? I mistook it for comic interludes in a tragic tale of our country's demise

UmeshPandey @umesh51121h @madhukishwar Jab jab elections aatahai.. Rahul Gandhi ko gussa aata hai..kyunki use aur kuch nai aata hai..jab har koi uski bajaata hai.

RekhaRamaswamy @rekharamaswamy20h @madhukishwar Rephrase it as Rahul Gandhi Ko kyaa ata hai? Gusso tho hamain aata hai....at his silly stupid ways.

AnushaGoraik @anushagoraik20h @madhukishwar oh! So that's his gussa? I mistook it for comic interludes in a tragic tale of our country's demise

Shantu @realShantu19h @madhukishwarcuz his 'theory of dalit escape velocity' won neither the NOBEL for physics nor economics ;)

geetika_j @geetika_j18h @madhukishwarKyunki he gave the same speech as Katrina in Rajneeti but she got away with more accolades for better acting!

NimishGoyal @nimish198518h@madhukishwarKyunki god ne unko Bhej toh Bheja par Bheje mein Bheja nahi Bheja!

$ushiSabRaj PARODY @Sushma_SabRaj_P16h @madhukishwarGusseka to pata nahi...lekin Rahul Baba ko Emotional Atyachar karna zaroor aata hai....'Tera Emotional Atyachar' (song cont.)

Secular Fraud @SecularFraud23h AmreekanDesi @amreekandesi23 Oct Rahul Gandhi at his next speech - 'My mom cried when she heard my last speech.'

raghunath @raghu_ji16h Corrected chk RT"@TigerNaMo@madhukishwar "GUSSA VUSSA KUCH NAHI HOTA, GUSSA IS JUST A STATE OF (absence of) MIND"!!!"@madhukishwar

Amir Khan @Gubomaster15h @umesh511@madhukishwarPappu now turned Gappu. Forget Dadi and others, tell us your own contribution.

MeraDeshMeraDharm @MeraDharm10h @madhukishwar@don2006_ka@umesh511Gussa aata hai RG ko, kyo kitna paisa loot ke Missionaries ko dene ke baad bhi itne sare Hindu kyu?


Raj Singh Sidhu @RajSinghSidhu_15h @envee38@madhukishwaraapko keya lagta hai ki pappu paas hoj ayega ?

VG @venuhg23 Oct@waglenikhil@ibnlive@IBNLiveRealtime it is BJP's vijay and paid media's parajay


From Pro Congress, Rahul Gandhi fans

AtmaramSabnis @sabnis_atmaram14h @nimish1985@geetika_j@madhukishwarAfter today's RG speech lot of gas trouble & stomach aches to Nomoron fans.Hence lot of vomiting tweets

nikhilwagle @waglenikhil15h You may like or dislike Rahul's speech in Chiru, it has stunned  BJP leaders.His emotional appeal has made them insecure, that's for sure.

don2006ka @don2006_ka24 Oct@umesh511 @madhukishwar Modi ka itni chaplusi bhi mat karo...never come back to media again and pose as neutral..farce


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