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Crash of Civilization: Episode 2 on the impending dangers of Artificial Intelligence in India

In this video Rajiv Malhotra discusses with Madhu Kishwar the stress-test of India at three levels in the light of Artificial Inteliigence’s impact: sthula sharir (physical), sukshma sharir (psychological) and karan sharir (character/karmic).

This leads the discussion to the following themes:

  1. The economic disruption being faced by India; external;
  2. China-Pak threat combined with internal Breaking India Forces 2.0;
  3. The case of Yogi Adityanath encouraging the hijacking of the extremely precious and sensitive data related to the Kumbh Mela;
  4. The performance of individual Indians in AI;
  5. The abysmal lack of R&D and the obsolete knowledge base in India which prevents the flowering of Make in India project.

Finally, Rajiv deals with the question: Is India for sale?

This prompts a worried Madhu Kishwar to ask, ‘will the book help enemies of India with ideas on India’s vulnerabilities’?

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