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Pavan Choudhary converses with Madhu Kishwar on the lessons from Corona Virus epidemic

Pavan Choudhary, CEO of French multinational 'Vygon India' converses with Madhu Kishwar on the lessons from Corona Virus epidemic.

This discussion, recorded on Zoom platform, includes references to some of the earlier pandemics in Europe which led to far reaching changes in the economy and personal lifestyles of people. It also deals with the comparative advantages Ayurvedic cures have over Allopathic medicines for treating not just Corona but also other ailments afflicting people.

Pavan Choudhary also shares his views on the changing geopolitics of Post Corona Era and the challenges facing the corporate sector. In response to Madhu Kishwar's questions regarding the poor performance of the corporate sector in recent decades, Pavan Choudhary describes the factors that inhibit the growth of manufacturing industry in India.

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